Dear Dr. Austin Fragomen,

I was in a serious car accident when I was 16 yrs. old – the car broke through a sea-wall & sunk to the bottom of a canal. The driver walked away with no injuries. I sustained a foot injury that has impacted my entire life; I’m now 67 yrs. old. A few yrs. ago, a dormant osteomyelitis (bone infection) flared up causing considerable pain. The prognoses were negative. One S. Fla. doc succinctly stated he could “amputate as I’ve done for so many of my patients” & offered a tour of his prosthesis room.

A friend insisted I see a Dr. in NY & she led me to you. Your expertise: Orthopedic Surgery, Limb Lengthening, & Osteomyelitis. My husband Charles, a retired Plastic Surgeon, reached out. I’ll never forget the look on your face – calm & assured – eliciting my utmost trust – as you explained how you’d remove the infection & I’d be walking within a few days. Surgery was the next day.

Today I am walking thanks to you. You changed the trajectory of my life & you will be forever in my heart!

You are my Hero!

Fondly, Nancy Radlauer, Miami

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