Dear Dad,

If there is someone who will show up when you need it – it is you. You have five kids and yet somehow managed to show up at our many conflicting events. You show up for those you care about. Your love and compassion for others is truly amazing. Even when it was hard, you loved and supported me anyways.

You have always given back to the community and for those who need it most which inspired me to become a Certified Fund Raising Executive. We are called to love on the “unlovable” and you live that out everyday. We are called to take care of the poor and you would probably invite them in because you want to know their story and show them hope lives.

In addition, you even helped start a project that helps people from different sides have a conversation. This is so needed in this time of some much division. We can disagree and still show love and compassion. I strive to have your kind of love for Jesus and for others everyday.

You are my Hero!


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