Dear Ilona,

You may not be aware of it but you are our family’s hero. When you met our 9 year daughter at Ittleson Center for Child Research, she was uncontrollable and undiagnosed (Juvenile Schizo- affective/ bipolar was not acknowledged at the time.) When she came to Ittleson, she was violent. She kept putting herself in harms way. She did not live in our reality.

Whatever your techniques, you reached her. You set up a therapeutic environment that allowed her to feel safe and talk about the feelings and thoughts. She spoke with you about the voices of the birds in her head and about her anger.

With your help, Jaclyn became more manageable. We eventually had her back home with us. Although her mental disability stays with her even now, she has managed to stay alive, safe and somewhat healthy. The medication she takes allows her to live on her own. We are able to spend time with her and make sure she gets needed care. Actually, she is one of the kindest, sweetest persons, in her heart.

You are my Hero!

Sincerely, Sandi & Stu H.

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