Dear John,

You are my sports hero and my friend. One Saturday before a game, I went to the Concourse Plaza Hotel to see you, we hung out and watched a John Wayne movie. We then spoke for 2 hours regarding our playing for the University of Louisville Football team. As I was leaving, you asked if I was going to the game. I said of course. You said wait a minute and handed me 2 tickets. That was the most special football game I ever went to, getting tickets from “the Golden Arm” himself and watch him play his best game.

I will never forget, the first televised football game December 28,1956. It was the championship game and you brought the Colts from behind to tie the game and go into sudden death overtime. Unitas saved the day and the Colts won 23-17 over the NY Giants. John, I miss you buddy

You are my Hero!

Ira D

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