Dear Koreman,

I know we both love to joke, but when I say you’re a hero of mine, I’m not kidding. 

The way you taught your students and helped each person achieve their definition of success is something I’ll always be grateful for and amazed by. You built trust with me and so many of your other students by being your genuine self – infusing humor and thoughtfulness into every piece of advice. I’m so grateful for your mentorship, academic and athletic counseling during High School, and for your everyday friendship that has grown to include a friendship with your entire family! 

Don’t get me wrong – the Human Geography test that turned out to be a lesson in and of itself (and wasn’t really a test after all) still haunts me almost a decade later, but I am more thankful that I remember the many lessons you taught about Art History and life in general that have enriched my life today. 

You are my Hero!


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