Dear Mark,

My son doesn’t think of himself as a hero. I told him he is one of mine. He puts his life on the line everyday just doing his job. He has flown over 1300 patients. He flew Blackhawk medevac while in Afghanistan. He has transported a lot of Covid patients. Both he and his crew don protective suits and fly them. It’s a risk they take just to do their jobs. His company has the FEMA contract so they fly before and after natural disasters. Everything they do is a risk but they mitigate the risks by intensive training and safety precautions, along with management oversight. He loves his job but it is not always easy. They see death, sickness, and pain daily. They treat everyone with the utmost care, no matter who they are. Its sad at times especially when a child dies on their watch, but all the ones saved makes it all worth while.

You are my Hero!


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