Dear Nikki,

Thirteen years ago you changed our lives.  It was probably just a normal day for you.  Not for us.  We expected a healthy baby.  It wasn’t so.  Our beautiful daughter was born blue. She was struggling for oxygen and needed surgery to fix her heart.  

Turning her over to you was the hardest thing we’ve ever done. We were afraid to let her go. We didn’t know if we’d get her back. We gave her hugs & kisses and then you said something we’ll never forget.  “We got this.”  That was it, “We got this.”  You said it so simply and with so much confidence that we believed you.  

You met us four hours later. The smile on your face said it all.  We knew she was going to be ok.  You were right, you did “got” this. 
Our daughter just turned 17 and she’s every bit the beautiful, bouncing girl we hoped for. All because of you! 

You are my Hero!

D & B

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