Dear Papa Benny,

You were the very best grandpa and person that I have known. You always had a kind word for everyone. Called everyone Dear or Darling. Whenever anyone had a problem, you tried to take it away from them. You were very smart. When I had an algebra problem that I couldn’t solve, you were able to solve it in your head. Gave me the answer so I could figure it out. Even though you had Parkinsons disease and had trouble walking, you just cared about others not yourself. You were the kindest, sweetest, most generous person I knew. You brought your parents over from Europe and supported them. You helped your daughters with their financial problems. Even though you were not wealthy, you made everyone around you okay. So glad I had you in my life. Wish I still did. Glad to have you in my heart always. Love you!

You are my Hero!

Debbie W.

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