Dear Tonya,

photo epitomizes you, as you are always helping someone else, all while rocking your signature smile!😇

You chose a career in Nursing for this very reason and throughout this COVID Crisis you’ve been a source of strength to everyone around you. You are consistently positive and full of hope while you work endless hours to guide to your team of nurses and patients. In what little spare time you have, you are considerate of others, making sure that those who are in need are cared for and showered with love.

Your life is full of moments of service that include family, friends, co-workers, and patients. I’m grateful I’ve had your example of love and compassion. I’ve seen the joy and meaning it has brought and you are truly an EVERY DAY HERO! You willingly sacrifice your own welfare for the sake of others’ happiness. I’m proud to know, love you and call you MY SISTER AND MY HERO!

You are my Hero!


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